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We offer clients professional websites and designs at an affordable price - all designs are completely cusSuccess graphtomisable & can be tailored to meet the demands of any clients.

Being online is one of the most modern and cheapest way of advertising; a well advertised business is a successful  business. D A & co can give your business the online tools you need to make your business succeed.

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Latest News

  • D A & Co are actively supporting local charities

    D A & Co are proud to share these amazing people who are doing charity events to raise funds for our local charities and we are very much involved with our local charities to help them raise the funds they need to support the cause that would make our community stronger and a better place to live.

  • D A & Co are keen to help and support local charities by sharing your charity information here. If you are interested in positing your links through us please send an e-mail to sales@DA-Co.co.uk with. Find out more

  • D A & Co join forces Wigan Cosmos AFC.

    We are delighted to announce that D A & Co have joined forces with local amateur football club Wigan Cosmos in our support of grass roots football. D A & Co Co have invested into the local football team in the businesses first steps towards expansion. Co have invested into the local football team in the businesses first steps towards expansion.

  • Advertise with D A & Co & grow your business

    D A & Co attract over 3,000 unique users to their site each month. With many of these users looking for ways of growing their business advertising with us could really project your business image and brand awareness. If you would like to advertise with us or include advertisement as part of your website build or services please contact us for further information!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s?)

  • Why are D A & Co so cheap?

    D A & Co are a relatively new start up business in a competitive market. By offering customers an affordable business solution and showcasing great products D A & Co can build a positive reputation. So, take advantage of this and have your website custom built today!

  • What about those ‘free’ website building websites, I could just build my own?

    If you were to use a ''free'' website builder online to build your business website you will end up paying a lot more for it - even after YOU yourself have built it. Example? 1and1.co.uk (currently advertising on TV) charge £29.99 per month for hosting your website! D A & Co do it for FREE and we build it.