DA & Co Products and Services

  Web Design
        D A & Co offer the latest website design templates on the market & can launch your           business online at an affordable price.

         Web Design is one of the most important part of your website and it will represent your business on market and that's why here at DA & Co we are very dedicated on getting the design up to our clients high standards.

    We use the latest technology such as Flash and jQuery to enhance the dynamic approach for getting the design correct and we are experts in photo editing and bringing your images to life and to highest quality to match your required design.

I Adobe Photoshop and fireworks are among few software we use for all of our photo editing and using the latest techniques to enhance your images.

We have mastered the layout and have lots brilliant design for you to choose from so why not contact us today to start attracting online market to your business. After interview with you we then go to our expert designers and start to bring your ideas for your into a sketch. We then present you with 3 designs which then you can choose from.

If you don't have any idea regards to how you may want your website to look then DA & Co would be giving you the best and suitable ideas and use our designers experience to transform your website. We then pass the design to our programmers which would bring your website alive and use the latest technology to build your dynamic website.

*SEO – Search Engine Optimisation. We’ll make your business appear higher up in ‘Google’ and other search engine searches to bring you better results from the internet.